Are we sure we know what we eat? Why reading labels is important

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We too often trust the "claims" used by industry to present a product.

We believe that compliance with regulations is sufficient to ensure transparency and adequate knowledge of what we buy and eat.

Unfortunately, that's not always the case. Learning about the products we usually buy, reading the labels and ingredients are now fundamental steps for a conscious and quality shopping.

Speaking of jams, we could say that all jams are the same, or that the only variable is the quality and quantity of the fruit.

True, but only partially. The quantity of fruit is an important value but it is not the only one, much less the easiest to identify. Just think that to be an Extra Jam it must have at least 45% fruit... and what is the remaining 55% made of?

Usually lots of pectins, lots of water and lots of sugar . In practice, over half of what they are made of is water in a gelatinous state. For us at Invasi del Gusto by Alessio Brusadin , making products that contain only the necessary raw materials is a real mission.

This is why our jams contain only three ingredients: fruit, sugar and lemon juice. With fruit percentages of no less than 75g per 100g of finished product. It is always for this reason that we do not add pectins, dyes and preservatives.

And it is again for this reason that we have developed a production process that allows us to keep the characteristics of the fruit as unaltered as possible , so as to bring a perfume, fragrance and color that satisfy all the senses.

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