Porcini mushrooms, duck and plum and radicchio chutney, risotto

person Posted By: Alessio Brusadin list In: Ricette

Risotto recipes are also perfect to enhance our chutneys. Contrasts are the soul of cooking and the acidity of the chutney is perfect for degreasing a risotto.

For this recipe I created a dish with plum, radicchio and Teroldego chutney. Made with a red onion base, it has the bitter vein of late radicchio and the delicate flavor of plum.

First, cook a duck breast leaving it rosy and let it rest. Sauté some slices of porcini (also frozen) in a pan. Make a normal risotto alla parmigiana creamed with butter, serve, and garnish with the sliced duck breast, interspersed with the porcini mushrooms and stain the risotto with the chutney.

This chutney is also perfect in combination with cured meats and soppressa.

Buon appetito and happy Easter!

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