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All Alessio Brusadin products are completely natural without the addition of dyes, preservatives or gelling agents.

Our mission? Have the shortest ingredient list possible! We use the best fruit and bring it to full maturity. We cook it in low and wide pots for a quick evaporation to keep the scents, flavors and colors intact. We select and grind spectacular meats such as alpine gray beef from Trentino for our ragù, of which we only use the real cut with the right mix of meat and fat. We cook it over low heat and with long cooking. Our ragùs cook for at least 5 hours.

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Cramberry Jam

Price €6.50
My favorite classic jam! Intense taste, slightly sour with aromas of undergrowth. Delicious on yogurt or bread, but also perfect as a pairing with fresh and medium-aged cheeses.

Apricot Jam

Price €6.00
Rich, full-bodied jam. Made with orange ruby or portici apricots variety or brought to full maturity. We cut the apricots only in half to have beautiful pieces of fruit that give off all the flavour. Delicious for breakfast but also for filling...

Peach Jam

Price €6.00
Delicate and very fragrant jam, we use peaches from Puglia or Emilia Romagna. We choose the best and we bring them to full maturity. Small peculiarity we work them with the peel to capture all the flavour.