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Fruit Amorphous Honey

Price €6.20
Shrub with beautiful purple flowers and orange pollen, it blooms immediately after the acacia and grows along ditches, roadsides, riverbanks and streams. The smell and aroma are of medium intensity - fruity reminiscent of raspberry and...

Organic Bramble Honey

Price €6.50
Bramble honey is a honey with a medium-intense flavor. It begins with an almost sour taste that immediately changes releasing notes reminiscent of caramel with berries, to finish leaving a rather lasting floral taste in the mouth. Excellent honey...

Organic Linden Honey

Price €6.10
Characteristic tree of the foothills, it blooms early June. Very characteristic smell and taste; fresh, mentholated, balsamic, reminiscent of medicinal herbs. The light amber color with yellow / green reflections when it reaches a certain...

Organic Chestnut Honey

Price €6.10
Tree spread mainly in the hills and foothills, blooms from mid-June to early July with significant production of monofloeral pollen. The flavor of honey is characteristic in its aromaticity, tannic on the palate. More or less dark amber...